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Community Spotlights

Business Spotlight of the Week: Elite Dentistry

Elite Dentistry logo


Happy 20th Anniversary Avalon Park!

Elite Dentistry is proud to be Avalon Park’s neighborhood dental office for the last 13 years and counting.  We love our patients and our community.  Did you know it takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 muscles to smile? We hope to give you a reason to smile for many, many years to come.  

For those who are new to the area, Welcome!  Here is a little bit about us…  Elite Dentistry is a Family and Cosmetic Dental office located in the Town Center at 13000 Avalon Lake Drive.  To find us, just turn right at the

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Downtown Avalon Park business directory

Pedestrian-minded Downtown Avalon Park provides the perfect town center experience – whether you spend an hour or the day! Lunch can be leisurely or on-the-run, at a cozy restaurant or al fresco on the lakeshore. Check out the one-of-a-kind shops, get together with friends or just take a stroll.

Then come back for dinner and enjoy the glittering lights of evening along the street, lake and in store windows.

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