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Business of the Week: Patricia P. Barber

We are a psychotherapy & consulting practice focused on mind, body, and sprit for healing mental health symptoms and disorders as well as situational challenges.

  • – A Holistic approach.
  • – Cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • – Family Systems therapy.
  • – Short-term solution focused treament.
  • – Individual, couples, and family therapy.

We work closely with area psychiatrists, primary care physicians and specialists (such as: internal medicine, endocrinology, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, rheumatology, immunology, and neurology) to provide mental health intervention that complements existing medical care. When conditions warrant psychopharmacological intervention as well as psychotherapy, referrals to medical providers are made.

We also work closely with school systems to treat behavioral and mood disorders in children that are impacting academic functioning both in lowered grades and/or poor attendance. We coordinate with schools to facilitate alternative placement or hospital-homebound services when needed.

We will help facilitate referrals to in-patient psychiatric treatment when needed. 


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