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Small Business Insurance


Cynthia Bravo-White

MetLife Auto & Home

3662 Avalon Park E Blvd

Orlando FL 32828


Small Businesses are the heart and backbone of the American dream.  There are over 27.9 million small businesses registered in the U.S.  Small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970’s.   Over 73% of all Small Businesses are registered as sole proprietors. 

Small businesses have done an excellent job of getting out the message to their new and prospective clients with the brand awareness campaign “Sh

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KT Artistry- Downtown Avalon Park Business of the Week

KT Artistry
3819 Avalon Park E Blvd, Orlando, FL 32828
(407) 704-7773

Well hello there. My name is Kaitlyn Embury and I am currently writing you from my newest studio here in Avalon Park, Orlando Florida. Being able to say that still gives me goosebumps. Becoming an artist was always the dream, and to be honest even to this day it doesn’t seem like a reality. 
Let’s back track a little here for a second, I never expected myself to be an artist, and maybe that was the first speed bump I approached in this incredible adventure. I ex

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Local Housing Market Analysis

Q1 2018 Local Housing Market

By Veronica Figueroa >> RE/MAX Innovation

March 19, 2018

Avalon Park – As a local real estate expert in the residential sector, I can say that our biggest challenge is no different than at the national level, which is inventory!!  Yes, we are seeing mortgage rates rising and home values going up, however, that is not impacting us nearly as much as the impact of inventory, or lack thereof.  To put it in perspective, in Orange County, in February 2018 mortgage rates on average were at 4.39% versus 4.29% in February 2017, while the median pr

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Avalon School of Music-Downtown Avalon Park Business of the Week

Avalon School of Music
Downtown Avalon Park
Business of the Week
March 12-18, 2018


For Immediate Release
Contact: Paolo Tursi


Avalon School of Music inspires local music students to achieve more with the Musical Ladder System®

Practice. It’s not the most fun word ever created and it’s definitely not a favorite activity of music students. But the Avalon School of Music has helped to solve that age old problem by being the first school in Central Florida to licen

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Encore Assisted Living and Memory Care-Downtown Avalon Park Business of the Week



Discounted Senior Citizen Dining in Central Florida

Contrary to the many advertisements for products that promise to “bring back youth,” aging isn’t always such a bad thing. Having grandchildren, receiving social security perks, and exclusive senior discounts are just some of the perks of being in the “golden years.” Discounts are available on everything from groceries and clothing, to travel and restaurants.

The age threshold for reaping the rewards of these discounts varies, but many start in the 55-60 year range.

Be sure to call your local store locati

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