Business Spotlight of the Week: Elite Dentistry


Happy 20th Anniversary Avalon Park!

Elite Dentistry is proud to be Avalon Park’s neighborhood dental office for the last 13 years and counting.  We love our patients and our community.  Did you know it takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 muscles to smile? We hope to give you a reason to smile for many, many years to come.  

For those who are new to the area, Welcome!  Here is a little bit about us…  Elite Dentistry is a Family and Cosmetic Dental office located in the Town Center at 13000 Avalon Lake Drive.  To find us, just turn right at the

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3 Top Housing Trends for 2018

Contributed by:

Veronica Figueroa

The Figueroa Team

RE/MAX Innovation

When buying or selling a home, an understanding of current market trends could help optimize your time and money. Here are a four real estate trends that defined 2017 and are expected carry on into the new year

Competing Generations

The recent shift in home buying preferences is a generational one. Millennials are starting to abandon their condos in the city for starter homes in the burbs, putting them in direct competition with downsizing baby boomers.
With these two groups both looking for similar housin

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Organic Produce in Avalon Park!

Storage Tips for Keeping Fruit and Veggies Fresh Longer

By Elizabeth Horn
Endlessly Organic Affiliate

*Check out the end of this blog post for a way to save $$$ on organic produce!

I moved to Orlando when I was twenty-two, thinking I’d move in, get my MFA from UCF, and get out. Little did I know that eleven years later I would now consider East Orlando my home, and feel committed to making our pocket of Orlando the best it could be! As a healthy living enthusiast, I have commonly felt frustrated by the lack of health

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National Mortgage Lender Expands into Avalon Park

National Mortgage Lender Expands into Avalon Park
Paramount Residential Mortgage Group plans to open this month
Avalon Park, Fla. (January 9, 2018) – A national lending company has chosen Downtown Avalon Park for its newest Orlando location.
California-based Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, which operates 90 retail locations in the United States and seven in Central Florida, has signed a three-year lease at 12001 Avalon Lake Drive for 1,554 square feet.
“As more families move into the Avalon Park area, Paramount Residential Mortgage Group provides great access for them to

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Tim’s Wine Market Adding Fourth Orlando Location in Downtown Avalon Park

Tim’s Wine Market Adding Fourth Orlando Location in Downtown Avalon Park
Avalon Park Location first Tim’s Wine Market to feature a wine bar

Avalon Park, Fla. (December 1, 2017) – Another iconic name in retail is expanding into Downtown Avalon Park.

Tim’s Wine Market, which has three locations in the Orlando area, has signed a five-year lease for 1,600 square feet at 3885 Avalon Park East Blvd. The store is scheduled to open in January 2018. It will be the first Tim’s Wine Market to include a wine bar.

“Avalon Park has the exact market we’re looking for t

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